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Dear gnome, you’ve lost one more die hard fan today.

I was mega pissed off when gnome was pulled from slackware. At that time one could argue that the only other fully featured usable desktop was KDE, and we all know KDE sucks! I’ve lived off garnome, the gsb project and other bearly usable slackware builds till now.

Today was the last straw (that broke my back). I upgraded to gnome 3.0 via gsb current build and found it to be too buggy, heavy and plain just unusable, gnome 3.2 was no different. It takes hours to get simple applets (power management e.t.c) to work and hardware keys don’t just work, you have to literally tweak everything to make it just right, and even then you always end up with the one little annoying problem that you can’t solve [ In my case this was when my computer went to “sleep mode”, I had to restart X just to get everything working again.

So after deciding that I will downgrade to gnome 2.3 via gsb and enjoy a “stable, old, working environment”, I figured that I might as well try something else, something lighter, something faster, something sexier. xfe 4! Guess what? am hooked. Gnome, bye! It was good while it lasted.

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